New Mode: Gesture Control for edelkrone Controller

Gesture control mode lets you move your edelkrone setup with your hand gestures without physical contact.

You can trigger the gesture mode by pressing and holding the center button at the suitable control page at the main screen after connecting with your setup.

Once you activate the Gesture Control Mode, the system will ask for a calibration.
This calibration is necessary for a drift-free and smooth mapping experience between your hand gestures and device movements.
So, after the calibration, edelkrone Controller will expect a hand gesture from you.

With Gesture Mode, you can only control one axis at a time. To further explain it:

Head Pan and Jib Pan controls are mapped to the Yaw axis.
Head Tilt and Jib Tilt controls are mapped to the Pitch axis.
Swing and Slide controls are mapped to the Roll axis.

Focus controls are not supported in gesture mode.

How much you move your hand on a particular axis will correlate with the speed of the motion which is also graphically visualized on the screen in real-time.

This feature is enabled by default on your device with the latest edelkrone Controller update, which is version 0.18. If you want, you can disable this feature from 'Advance Features' page in the Settings menu.

Learn more about edelkrone Controller.

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