Introducing: FocusONE v2

Meet FocusONE v2, the new generation follow focus with advanced precision and options to improve your workflow. FocusONE v2 still has all of the features that made the previous generation a success while preserving its compact and portable design. We upgraded FocusONE v2 to include adjustable hard stops for fast & easy focus transitions, customizable control wheel tension, and the ability to be used on either side of the camera.

What's new with FocusONE v2?

  • Works on either side of the camera for right or left-handed use.
  • Adjustable hard stops to effortlessly transition between two fixed focus points.
  • Compatible with industry-standard 15 mm and 19 mm rods.
  • Custom tension adjustments to match different lenses.
  • Marker disc faces the camera operator for ease of use.
  • Marker disc in direct contact with the focus ring for increased precision.
  • More features at a lighter weight than the previous generation.
  • Comes with Lens Gear PRO to match all lenses.


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