Introducing: JiBONE v2

The most portable jib in the world with unrivaled motorized motions & upgraded features. JibONE v2 delivers the versatility & speed you need with complete edelkrone motion control ecosystem integration. Own JibONE v2 now at a discounted introductory price for a limited time only!

New Features to Set You Apart

JibONE v2 has all of the features that made its predecessor a best-seller. The new features of JibONE v2 were shaped largely by customer feedback from the first version, and include: a physical power button, an information screen with instant feedback, improved wireless connection and longer range, better power management with auto power off, the ability to work with Link Port for a fully wired operation, a more durable head plate for increased strength, and an overall upgraded user experience.

Mix and Match to Add More Features

One important feature of JibONE v2 is the fact that it offers better integration with the edelkrone motion control ecosystem. The modular mindset of edelkrone means you can mix & match edelkrone devices to add features to your setup whenever you need them. So you can add advanced features for your JibONE v2 like face & object tracking (with Vision Module, sold separately), and unlock new capabilities like an extra axis (with Pan PRO, sold separately) or auto target tracking (with HeadPLUS, sold separately).

Key features:

  • Smooth, silent, and smart motorized jib.
  • Fast setup with no assembly or tools required.
  • Mounts on a tripod and offers 1.64 ft (50 cm) camera travel.
  • Retracts to 24 in (61 cm) for easy transport, fits in edelkrone Backpack.
  • 11 lb (5 kg) carrying capacity (including the weight of the camera and tripod head).
  • Keeps the camera level while moving vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • Auto power off & power saving modes for better power management.
  • High contrast sharp OLED screen for instant feedback.
  • Smartphone controlled via Bluetooth.
  • Can be controlled with edelkrone Controller.
  • Works with edelkrone Link Adapter to control on a PC or edelkrone SDK.
  • Can be easily programmed for motion time-lapses.
  • Perfect edelkrone ecosystem integration.
  • Works with Vision Module for automated face and object tracking.
  • Pan PRO and HeadPLUS add even more advanced features.
  • Includes four counterweights to help find the perfect balance.

JibONE v2 is available for purchase on the edelkrone online store for $1299. We're offering JibONE v2 at a discounted introductory price of $999 until May 1, 2022!


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