Tripod Wheels

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An Even More Streamlined Experience

Tripod wheels are essential for smoothly moving heavy camera setups, especially in indoor studio environments. At edelkrone, we've reinvented tripod wheels to address the common issues found in traditional designs.

Simple Setup

Foldable Design

Just unfold the Tripod Wheels and put your tripod on. You're free to move around.

Not Just for Tripod X

While Tripod Wheels is designed with Tripod X in mind, it can be used with any tripod.

Safety Straps

Straps are provided for additional safety and can be used with all kinds of tripods.

Friction-based Lockless Design

Traditional tripod wheels require you to lock each wheel individually to keep your setup stationary, which is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Our innovative tripod wheels eliminate the need for locks. Instead, they utilize a friction-based system, maintaining just the right amount of tension. With a gentle push, the wheels don’t move, ensuring your setup stays put. Apply a bit more force, and the wheels roll smoothly, allowing for easy repositioning. You can also adjust the tension to suit heavier or lighter camera loads.

Traditional tripod wheels

All current tripod wheels have general-purpose wheels that uncontrollably move with the slightest trigger.

To be able to shoot anything with them, you need to lock each wheel individually.

edelkrone Tripod Wheels

edelkrone Tripod Wheels have no locks on them and move easily when you push them, but they act like they are locked as soon as you leave them. No locking required.


The Tripod Wheels can fold into a very small form factor and slide into the side pocket of Tripod X's soft case.